Climate Justice Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Eco Network, Saskatchewan Environmental Society, National Farmers Union, and Green Energy Project Saskatchewan came together to bring you The Saskatchewan Citizens’ Hearing on Climate Change in November of 2013.

This two-day event featured a diverse mix of presentations on climate change, its impacts, and solutions. There were presentations by scientists, ethicists, labour and business leaders, energy experts, young environmental leaders, farmers, first nations, fishers, parents and grandparents, and many others. Keynote speakers (via carbon-saving video link) included: Dr. Kathleen Dean Moore, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and author of Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril; Dr. Robert Sandford, Director of the Western Watersheds Climate Research Collaborative; Dr. Kirsten ZickfeldAssistant Professor at Simon Fraser University and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Victoria; and Dr. Christian Holz, past-Executive Director of Climate Action Network Canada.

Four Commissioners listened to the presentations and drafted a report summarizing the testimony. This report is a major educational and organizing tool for Saskatchewan communities working on climate change and energy alternatives.

The event was free, open to everyone, and designed to catalyze discussion and action on climate change impacts and responses.

The organizing committee of the Citizens’ Hearings on Climate Change won the Saskatchewan Eco Network’s “Activist Award” in April of 2014.

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The final report from the Hearings is available here.